Give me some f*cking space.

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I’ve become what you could call: rock solid. I see through the internet scams. I see through the get rich quick schemes. I see through it all. But what will not p*ss off: money.

It’s everywhere we look. Can it give us some space? Can it stop making us bust our balls?

Well, I sent money a cold written letter, on behalf of us all.

Dear Money…

Why do we need you?

For real. Why do we need you? Can’t we just set up robots to do all the simple tasks so we can live our lives? So we can…

“The more you know, the less you know…”

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Well well. I guess you are surprised this is not an article teaching you how to make thousands of dollars a month writing articles…

See, there are a lot of people who like to share what worked for them as if there is only one way to go about doing something in life. However, there are many ways to get to the same finish line. Here is some advice from someone who has started the race but has not finished quite just yet.

Stop thinking about money.

Argh. So tough to do with all these articles…

A Logical Solution To An Illogical Problem

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Why can’t we all get along?

Well. If we all read this article then perhaps we would be one step closer. Except most of us let our beliefs dictate our actions. So, for the sake of our human race. Share this article with as many people as you know, so we can save the world together.

We are all human.

Yes. You read that correctly. We are human beings who all have hands, toes, eyes, ears and everything else that comes with it. An issue that seems to get in the way of our humanity is our…


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You are such a sucker for these clickbait headlines, huh. Well, I am too. And just like the other thousand articles you have read on the topic of making money, this is no different from the rest.

Here’s how to perfect the art of deception.

The Hook.

Use a headline that sounds too good to be true. The more outrageous the better. This will make sure that the poor reader has no choice but to see how you went about achieving this unrealistic success.

The Article.

Course, the article isn’t going to give you any f*cking secrets to making heaps of money. It’s…

Regardless Of The Champions League Victory.

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Sure. Chelsea won the champions league this past season. What a bizarre statement to make that Frank should have been given more time. But when the board said that his time was up, their morals went out the window.

We know that each club has different hierarchies with different ambitions. Chelsea’s ambitions, unlike some top six clubs (Arsenal/Spurs), is to win at all costs. Park the bus? Well if it’s going to get our hands on some silverware, go ahead!

This approach has most certainly worked for the blues, collecting the most silverware in…

The power of words.

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We see a lot of thing in a day. We hear a lot of things in a day. Oftentimes, those moments pass us by as we are so busy thinking about all the other things a westernised society brings to our attention.

At the time of reading this quote I’m about to share with you, I was in a different headspace. My mum had been diagnosed with cancer and I could not seem to accept this reality. I could only view it from the perspective of:

Why is this happening to me

Instead of:

How is…

Here’s how to give some away.

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“Here’s the keys to your brand new car”

The recipient starts shaking and crying uncontrollably. But how must it feel for the YouTuber who gets to give away these cars for a living?

Wouldn’t you agree: these stars have life figured out?

The formula.

Listen, these guys did not always have the ability to give away cars. The commonality amongst them all is they began building a following.

Getting people to buy into them and wanting to watch each of their videos as they are released. …

Don’t Loose Momentum

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Listen, we all get into that flow. When things move seamlessly from one to another, like water in a clear blue ocean.

And then……… we take a day off.

Bam. Smack in the face. Uppercut. Bleeding from the cheek. Where is the milk? Suddenly, that day off has domino’d into multiple days off and sooner or later, the seamless flow has transformed into rough sand paper.

Don’t lose momentum

Don’t you damn lose it. If you have cultivated the ocean flow, don’t let it turn into sand paper. Maybe one day you take your foot off the gas, but don’t…

Don’t kid yourself.

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You ever feel better by letting yourself off the hook? Taking your foot off the gas and letting things be because… life’s short?

Errrrrrrr — — Incorrect.

Life is not short. You just gotta do more.

The excuse.

Listen, this is not an article to kick you up the backside for not hustling twenty-six hours a day. Far from it. See this as a gentle reminder that the longer you put things off, the more excuses you are going to come up with for living a life you are not proud of.

Sure, take your foot off the gas…

We want to see a knockout but don’t want to see people hurt.

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Listen, chances are you have seen someone get knocked out before. Whether that’s in person or online, it’s become quite the popular thing to watch.

But why?

Why do we all flock to see someone get beaten up and hope there is a knock out? Isn’t that strange? Wanting to see one of our fellow species hurt? Does a lion want to see a fellow lion get his ass kicked? (Wrong choice of animal, I know).

The reality.

We like action. We like adrenaline rushes. What bigger adrenaline rush…

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Sharing my thoughts through words.

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